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Originating in the Western Cascades, the Molalla River tumbles through timber land of both private and public ownership. Flowing through the foothills to the Willamette River, the Molalla and its tributaries support a variety of riparian ecosystems.

In 1992, a land exchange between the Bureau of Land Management and a private land owner, placed approximately 12 miles of Molalla River frontage into public ownership. The stretch of river from Trout Creek Road to the Table Rock Wilderness is now referred to as "The Molalla Recreation Corridor". This former site of working steam donkeys, railroads, and logging camps, today, offers year-round recreational opportunities such as hiking, bicycle riding, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, swimming, picnicking, nature watching, and photography, in a regenerating second-growth forest.

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The summer months have always attracted the largest volume of people, especially on the weekends. As a consequence of heavy seasonal use, certain sections of the river have become degraded by excessive foot traffic, litter, and vandalism. Molalla River Watch, with support from its members and local organizations, and with the help of volunteers, is addressing these concerns by 'taking action' to develop recreational and ecological strategies that will ensure the continued health of the Molalla River system.

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Because the trails in the region are very sensitive, all trails are closed to motorized recreational use. Bike, horse and foot traffic are all welcome.

Trail System Closed to Motorized Use.

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